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Cisnerosová Sandra (*20.12.1954)


The House on Mango Street - anglicky


The House on Mango street is really engaging and gripping book by Sandra Cisneros. It is an original book containing a collection of 44 short tales which are describing life in a hispanic american ghetto in Chicago. The main character is Esperanza Cordero who is an adolescent girl. In this book, she is describing her life, her wishes and her nostalgia. She describes her feelings about getting used to and being involved to the city which she moved to. I also think that all her narrations bring us very intressting pictures of roles of women in this society.


In the beginning of this book, Esperanza's moving into the new house is desribed. She tells sb about her moving with mama, papa, Carlos, Kiki and her sister Nenny. She also desribes her feelings, her conviction that this house isn't her home. She always hopes that she will live in a big house which will belong to them. From where they won‘t have to move out every year. She has a perfect picture of her dream house in her mind. But now she moves into a normal house, which is really different from her dream house and she can't do anything. She must lump it. But from the first day in the house on mango street she has been dreaming about her next moving into the real home.
During the book she is describing her relations, gladness but also sadness. She describes her first best friend, her meeting with her neighbours.
But I think, that under the main plot there are other important ideas. I think, that her psychological progress is also desribed. In the begginning of this book she is really shy, she is affraid of her future in new surroundings. After some time she is finding, that nothing is as sable, as she thought. During her stay in this street she picks up useful advice and those all aspects help her to make up her live.
And in the end of this book she is resigned = rezignet with her fate and she also feels herself in Mango street at home.


This book wasn't too difficult to read for me. Sometimes I had to look into a dictionary, but I ussualy knew, what all the sentences meant. At first I was really affraid of reading a book in English, but it wasn't as terrible as I expected. And I also have to confess crying, when a death was desribed. I would like to recommend this book especcialy to girls, who want to know something more about immigrants in America.

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Sandra Cisnerosová - The House on Mango Street - anglicky

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